About us?...

We are a Travel Agency specialized in advice and coaching, dedicated to tailor made trips, as well as author trips for groups and thematic retreats.

We look for original, non-crowded destinations for our clients who dare to face challenges.. In our trips the term predominates "SLOW TRAVEL" so that our travelers can enrich themselves with the culture of the place and can interact with local people..


What is SOY Experiential Travel about?...

Inspire the search for authenticity through travel, soy according to how I act and act according to how soy.

It is much more than traveling, is to find your hobbies and your essence through trips designed to reaffirm your being, living transformative and unique experiences to strengthen your self-esteem and your capacity for acceptance.

Soy it is the consequence of your actions and the manifestation of your essence, Soy is the definition of what you believe, what you pursue for your life and what you deserve for your future.

In “SOY” we accompany you during the process, before, during and after the trip so that you live a transformation together with us ...


Daiam Illa

Daiam Illa
Founder of Soy Experiential Travels



My story

I have always been very curious to see new horizons without fear of the unknown and with great communication skills. Life took me to different paths in search of my vocation. So I found my passion, "TRAVEL". Living in various countries, at the same time, creating the ability to adapt quickly to changes to get out of my comfort zone.

Little by little I was venturing into this wonderful world of Tourism, I studied for Tourist Guide in Montevideo, Uruguay where I was born, later I traveled to the United States to improve my English. From there I jumped to Barcelona, Spain where I continued my professional career as a Travel Agent while studying the Diploma in Tourism. I am also a Coach with orientation in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, methodology that we implement in the organization of our trips as well as in the consultancies and profile studies.

I travel with groups of different ages and origins as an accompanying guide. I have traveled more than 20 countries and hundreds of cities on various continents developing my experience during 15 years in the Latin American and European market for renowned companies. I decided that it was time to fly and take my own path to carry out various projects that had been brewing in my head for years, that's how he was born I AM Experiential Travel.

Our proposal is totally different from what is offered in the environment, with a dynamic service for travelers who want other alternatives that are not in the market. From tailor-made trips, consulting, themed group trips or retreats. All with an addition to destiny that guides the depth of being, in order to renew the person during the process.


"You are the protagonist, we accompany you "


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Dream, no matter the time or place, It is always possible