This trip for me has been a dream come true because I had had it in mind for years. To travel a destination like this, it is necessary to have time, savings and energy to face the variety of wonders in terms of technologies and cultural leaps that are found at every step ...



The climate is highly variable throughout the year, We traveled in the ideal month of October to travel to JAPAN since the summer humidity lowers and there are not as many rains as still in September, the most recommended time is from the end of September to the beginning of November. The rest of the year it can be cold, sticky heat or having constant rain. Autumn is the mildest season of the year.

We start the route through the city of Tokyo, a place that mixes tradition with new infrastructures where you can visit ancient temples and sanctuaries such as MEIJI and ASAKUSA KANNON along with skyscrapers and buildings with spectacular views such as the TORRE DE MORI.

Also, It is a good place to buy souvenirs such as kimonos or the typical paper umbrellas and electronic devices since there are duty-free shops in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Arriving, Despite the jetlag, the first thing we wanted was to taste typical dishes, although in Japanese gastronomy it is not only eating, but everything is surrounded by rituals and ceremonies that make food a pleasure. It is always eaten with chopsticks, in some cases from sources directly, the most important ingredient in their kitchen is rice, which is always served as an accompaniment. Among its typical dishes are Sukiyaki, Windows, Tonkatsu, Kushiage, El Sake (alcoholic beverage) and to finish the meal they drink green tea as an infusion. In general, their food has a variety of flavors, meats and vegetables with sauces and spices, also the main attraction is its presentation with special decorations.

We were doing the whole trip by train with him Japan Rail Pass, a pass that can be purchased before the trip and allows you to move around the country by train without limitations.



We continue to the city of Hiroshima, name that doesn't need too much introduction. We all know about the Hiroshima bomb and it is what we went to see there, How a city could recover after the first atomic bombing in history being completely rebuilt after the war? You can visit the ATOMIC PUMP MUSEUM and the MEMORIAL DE LA PAZ.

From there we went to Kyoto by bullet train, that trip was an extraordinary experience, out of the ordinary something sublime and unique! Cross the country in three hours overcoming 300 km per hour is like feeling in the future or in a spaceship ... You just have to see it on the map to make it more exciting.

In Kyoto you can visit countless gardens of different sizes and varieties such as the GOLDEN PAVILION or the HEIAN SANCTUARY. In the afternoon in the areas of GION and PONTOCHO you can see the apprentices of Geishas, are escort ladies who receive a disciplined education to offer their services, Japanese girls who want to convert must study singing, home, literature, protocol, etc. They wear beautiful kimonos and a very particular makeup. Today they still continue with the tradition, your task will be to accompany your clients with a pleasant conversation, dances, readings or even play a musical instrument.

In general people are very friendly, although somewhat shy either because of their customs or because of their culture, although good manners and greetings are never lacking. Regarding religion, the temples are mostly Buddhist and Shinto is related to visiting them and some rituals such as weddings and festivities, although for them it is not so important in their daily life, in general the two religions coexist without problems.


Geisha Japan

We continue to Osaka, With this visit arriving at the end of the trip we take the opportunity to enjoy the typical tea ceremony, there we learned that it comes from China and that it is a social custom that has been imposed throughout history adding different rules and procedures for attendees. It is much more than drinking tea, is the art of gestures and movements that understand different meanings, for them its purpose is to purify the soul through nature, also represented in religions.

In Osaka we had a day off before catching the return flight, We decided to improvise taking into account that we wanted to know the port and also try typical food such as crab and breaded skewers. Another very witty thing that we did not want to miss was the visit to a Japanese Karaoke since we had seen it on some TV programs and we were excited to meet them, honestly it was a lot of fun because they are private rooms that are rented by the hour, usually in skyscrapers with excellent views where you can sing with your friends without prejudice as there are no more people watching. It's very liberating for those stressful days after work, I wish we had that custom around here ...

Respect for Eastern culture because I consider that they are civilizations that at some point are more developed than Western culture, regarding their way of living, feed, Health. etc. Although I do not agree with all that, I have gone in search of learning to touch their traditions, religion and customs in the first person and soak up them without limits, return converted into a new and reformed person obtaining the best lessons of life and wisdom, I hope and wish I had fulfilled my mission.

The most important thing that a destination should leave you is the memory and the anecdotes of having lived new experiences, get out of the comfort zone to discover new horizons. JAPAN it is an innovative destination, rich in all aspects: gastronomic; technological; cultural and architectural.

An unforgettable experience!



Daiam I.