Ending the summer, During the autumn-winter season the spas are the most sought after as they invite you to relax and unwind in a warm and welcoming environment.

It is a good excuse to take a weekend getaway and counter the cold. Also, there are people who come to do treatments with a professional follow-up either for beauty or health. There are spas with natural hot springs that provide various properties to treat chronic diseases such as: rheumatism; osteoarthritis; arthritis; etc.

Inside the Spas, the so-called Hammam are found in the south of Spain. Mainly in Granada, Here we tell you what it consists of and which are the most important…

Arabian Hammam:

What is the Hammam?

It is an Arab bath or also known as a Turkish bath that consists of a steam bath for cleansing the body and mind in a relaxing environment. It consists of swimming pool baths with different temperatures meanwhile, it is recommended to hydrate the body with water or tea.

Hammam in Granada:

For the Arabs during the kingdom, body care and personal hygiene were very important while Christians believed that the use of water was wasteful for this reason, The vast majority of the buildings built during the Arab reign were destroyed in Spain, leaving only a few that have been restored to recover this tradition..


There is a free museum that reflects the tradition, dates from the 11th century and was part of a Mosque, They were public baths where the population met at different times, one shift for men and another for women, which can be accessed through a Christian house that was built later.

One of the oldest and most complete buildings in Spain that was restored in the 20th century for public access, allows you to appreciate the original architecture of the Hammam declared a Site of Cultural Interest in Granada, an essential place to visit.

Different Hammam options in Granada

The most prominent is the Hammam Al Ándalus which has been built on the ruins of an ancient Hammam dating from the 16th century, located at the foot of the Alhambra evokes history inside along with bathroom experiences.

On the other hand, is the Aljibe de San Miguel where you can also stay at your hotel and eat at your restaurant.

Other hotel Macià Real de la Alhambra that offers the services of bathrooms resembles the Palace of Comares, although with a more modern look.

By last, Aquaterm Spa Urbano that has 18 circuits of different themes.

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